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You'll find all the info about senior and personal branding sessions plus a peek into my everyday life.

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Another year has come and gone. What’s in store for 2019? Take a peek at some of the goals I have for this year.

Goodbye 2018, hello 2019 resolutions

list of new year's resolutions

In-home photo sessions are always a favorite. I love to help families document their life in a location that is special to them.

Capturing details during an in-home session

family portrait of child reading a book

It seems like yesterday that I was leaving the hospital with a newborn baby. And now my baby is a teenager. People always say that time goes by quickly and I never believed them. Now I do.

Bye bye baby, hello teenager

high school senior portrait walking along the beach

Before you and your family head out this summer, here’s a checklist of some photos to take while you are out and about.

Travel photo checklist

photo from airplane above the clouds

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Life is stressful. Preparing for your photo shoot shouldn't be. Our guide is full of information to help you get ready for your big day.

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Say goodbye to boring portraits. You deserve images that are full of laughter, beauty, and genuine expressions. Now is the time to capture images that let your true personality shine!

Photos for a new generation