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Everyone who knows me, knows that I love checklists. They help me stay organized and nothing makes me happier than crossing a task off my list. So before you and your family head out this summer, I’ve compiled a checklist of some photos to take while you are out and about. This list will give you some ideas to help you capture unique and memorable photos of your next adventure. The list helps me focus on the photos that I want to take and allows me to be more selective in what I photograph. This allows me to be present in the moment because I’m no longer running around taking photos of everything. And when I return home, I look forward to sorting and scrapbooking our trip.

Although we love to travel, it involves a lot of prep work for me. Due to our food allergies, I need to research restaurants where we can eat. And I prepare a lot of food that we can bring with us. My daughter cannot fly due to extreme pressure in her ears. So we are limited to car, train, bus and boat. But despite those challenges, we have been to some amazing places. And we’ve had a lot of fun. Some of our favorite trips have allowed us to take different modes of transportation (some a bit scary), to taste new foods (also a bit scary) and to met some really wonderful people (not so scary).

So enjoy your summer travels. Be safe and take lots of photos!


Before you leave

  • items in your suitcase
  • all your packed bags
  • plane/train/boat tickets
  • itinerary and passports

When you get there

  • everyone loaded in the car to leave
  • view from plane/train/boat/car window
  • travel snacks
  • travel entertainment (iPads, phones, games, books)
  • road sign of your destination
  • exiting the plane/train/boat/car

When you arrive

  • local map
  • your hotel (from the outside, inside, view from inside)
  • local stores and signs
  • the weather
  • places and food you’ve eaten
  • group photos and selfies at various landmarks
  • street photography

When you head home

  • luggage with souvenirs
  • sleeping kids
  • arriving at home

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