Life is great at 88 – a birthday celebration

Today is my Dad’s 88th birthday! He is amazing. He still drives and is able to do most of the things he wants to do. My dad can remember facts and events better than I can. He can hold his own in any conversation and he will always stand up for what he believes in.

Why 88 is special

In our culture, the 88th birthday deserves a special celebration. This is because the Japanese characters for 88, when written together, resemble the character for rice. Rice was respected because it was our livelihood and symbolized purity and goodness. Therefore the 88th birthday is a happy and joyous celebration.

How we celebrated

What a busy weekend we had! The fun began on Friday night when my sister and her husband arrived from the East Coast. Since food is such an important part of the 88th celebration, we had a surprise lunch with family on Saturday. It was wonderful that so many relatives came to celebrate with my Dad. We had lots of food, cake, and fun. My dad usually doesn’t like being the center of attention. But we could tell that he was having a great time. He was smiles from ear to ear. I loved seeing him enjoying himself.

Happy 88th birthday Dad! Wishing you continued health, love, joy, and happiness. We love you!

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