Five tips for getting great photos at the beach

July 18, 2019

I’m Dana.
I'm a high school senior and personal branding photographer in sunny Northern California. I help my clients to step into their greatness so we can capture their beauty - inside and out.
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What do you do when it’s summertime in sunny California? You head to the beach, of course! I know I’m always commenting about how expensive it is to live in the Bay Area. But you will never hear me complain about the weather! I guess it’s a small price to pay for gorgeous sunshine.

Although I enjoy taking photos at the beach, there are some challenges that every photographer faces. Here are five tips to help you get great beach photos.

1. It’s all about the light

As you know, it’s all about the light, regardless of where you are at. My favorite time of day is golden hour. It’s the hour before the sun goes down. During this time, the light is soft and golden.

2. Include a focal point

Have you ever taken photos of beautiful scenery and then when you looked at the photo, it was pretty boring? Beaches contain large amounts of empty space with very few prominent features. To make your photos more interesting, include a focal point. It could be person, sandcastle, boat, pier, rock, or even footprints in the sand. These things will give your photo a point of focus and meaning.

3. Pay attention to the horizon

One of my pet peeves is a crooked horizon. You know what I’m talking about. You take the perfect shot and then realize that the horizon is crooked. Ugh, this happens to me all the time! I’ve been trying to slow down and be aware of how I’m composing my shot. And speaking of composition, watch for the horizon line cutting through your subject’s head or neck.

4. Embrace less than ideal weather

People often avoid the beach during inclement weather. Dark, menacing clouds and stormy waters can be amazing backdrops. And an added bonus – there will be fewer strangers in your frame!

5. Look for reflections

Look at your surroundings and see if there are any tide pools or puddles of water to use as your reflection source. In order to capture a clean reflection, make sure there is no movement in the water.

So wherever you are, go outside and catch some rays ?. I’m sure there are some fun things happening in your area.

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