Let’s remember the fallen heroes

Everyone wants to believe in superheroes. These characters possess superhuman powers and are dedicated to fighting the evil of his or her universe. They protect the general public while valiantly battling a supervillian. It is comforting to have someone to look up to in a time of crisis. I think that’s part of the reason why Marvel and DC Comics are so successful. What young girl wasn’t empowered by Gal Gadot’s performance in Wonder Woman? And who wasn’t rooting for T’Challa to defeat Erik in Black Panther?

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. This is a day for us to remember the people who died while serving in our country’s armed forces. It is a day for us to remember real life superheroes. It is a day for us to remember the sacrifices that courageous young men and women have made in order to defend our country. These are the real heroes. These are the people we are thankful for. Let’s never forget them or their families. They have all sacrificed so much to keep us free.

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